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16 way RF signal mixer
Product Name:16 way RF signal mixer

Product No:15950-178
Retail Price:0Dollar/piece
Wholesale Price:0Dollar/piece
Last update:2012.06.15
Manufacturer:CATV modulator, set top box
   detailed specification


Performance features:

* The standard-20DB output, sixteen passive mixed with the test port.

* High isolation, high reflective design, the use of stable and reliable.

* Standard 19-inch chassis design, install and easy to use.

Technical parameters:

* Frequency range: 5-1000MHz

* The band flatness: ± 1.5 dB

* Insertion Loss:   20dB

* Mutual isolation:  > 30dB

* Input level difference:  <3dB

* Output Impedance:  75Ω

* The connector type: British system F

* Dimensions:  19 inch

* Net weight: 1.20KGs